What Is M10?

Additional Resources

We offer a variety of support and learning documents in order for you to get the most from using M10, all of which can be accessed from https://help.momensity10.com/. Knowledge Base — a complete guide to M10’s features to help you get started. Support Forum — Connect with other M10 users, join the community and share tips and advice. Answers — resolve common questions immediately by checking out the FAQs. Known Issues — check for known problems and outages. Training — […]

Concepts, Features, and Services

Here you’ll find details of the main concepts and terms of M10, to help you better understand the services we offer. These explanations will help you get the most from using all of M10’s features. Concept Social Media — any website or app where people gather to talk about the news and events of the day. Common social media platforms include Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Pop Culture — the major trends that impact everyday life, including fashion, sport, music, and […]

Data and File Storage Allocations

Your data is safe with M10. We currently provide all subscribers with unlimited data and file allocation, so you never have to worry about limits or restraints when you’re using M10.

Supported Browsers, Languages, and Accessibility Standards

Currently M10 supports Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge. If you have specific language or accessibility requirements, please contact Technical Support.

The M10 Admin Console

Access your complete M10 account from the Admin Console. To log in, go to https://momensity10.com/ and select My Account Login. Enter your username or email address, followed by your password. You have the option for M10 to remember your login details on your computer. Don’t select this if you’re using a public connection. Press Log In. From here you can make the following changes: Change your profile image by clicking on the image thumbnail and uploading a new image. Explore […]

What Is M10?

M10 is an Intelligent Sales Strategy Assistant capable of identifying your target audience, predicting their future behavior, and providing you with a step-by-step guide on how to engage them. By constantly monitoring and cataloging social media audiences, M10 consistently refines and improves your target audience demographics. Use M10’s analysis to identify and locate new customers for your product. In addition to finding new customers, M10’s smart analysis will provide detailed instructions on how to engage with your target audience in […]