Solving Problems

Self-Service Dashboard Interface

Advanced users can access our premium tools from the Self-Service Dashboard Interface, commonly called the Customer Search Engine. From here you can explore every aspect of M10’s analysis and apply it to your own products and services in order to produce effective marketing campaigns for your brand. The complete guide to the Customer Search Engine is available in the Getting Started helpdesk.


All M10 plans are billed monthly from the date you sign up. You can access your membership details and past invoices at any time from your member’s Admin Console. You can also change your billing details, including payment information and billing addresses. If you think you’ve been billed in error, Contact Us.

Self-Service Campaign Content Creation

When you use M10’s Self-Service tools, you are given all the information you need to make informed decisions about the marketing campaigns that you create. M10 will create Playbooks for your chosen audiences, with advice on the best imagery, wording, and style of your ads. We also offer ad generation using our automated software to create and deploy marketing videos. If you would like M10 to help with your campaign content creation, view our full list of services or contact […]

SM Sales Bot Campaigns

If you want to run a successful online advertising campaign but don’t know where to start—there’s a Bot for that! Our SM Sales Bots are designed to make life as simple for you as possible. All you have to do is tell us about your product or service and we’ll do the rest. SM Sales Bots use data we’ve collected from online audiences to locate new customers for your brand and automatically deploy ads at the optimum time to maximize […]

OppAlert Admin

OppAlerts keep you informed of new sales opportunities for your brand. When M10 finds an upcoming event with a matching Audience Cluster, we’ll notify you on the schedule you set. To get the most from OppAlert, be sure to choose a notification method you check regularly, and set your alert preference far enough in advance to ensure you have the time to create a marketing campaign for the opportunity. You can set your OppAlerts to trigger based on audience size […]

Profiting From the Future

Most of our clients want to know one thing: How can we predict their revenue potential months in advance? When you gather as much information as we do, making predictions about future profits is all a matter of math. M10 follows thousands of real-time social media conversations, studying the events that people are talking about. When we identify a popular event, such as a sports match or music concert, we take a longer look at the demographics of the event’s […]