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Customer Watch

M10 works by studying social media conversations and learning the brand and product affinities of different event audiences. The Customer Watch tool can help you find new customers by exploring these affinities. Match your brand or product with look-a-likes to focus on their audiences and find new sales opportunities in upcoming social media events. Customer Watch is available as a premium feature for Self-Service users.

SM Sales Bot Basics

Our Social Media Sales Bot is a clever automated tool that takes the headache out of finding new customers and marketing your brand, products, and services. We constantly monitor thousands of social media conversations to see what events people are talking about. We then study the brand affinities of those event audiences to find new opportunities for you. When we find a match between your audience and an upcoming event, we generate a marketing video designed to appeal to that […]

SM Sales Bot Automations

Our social media sales bot works by automating every step of your research and marketing plan. From finding the right customers to creating your ad campaigns, automations do everything. Our clever bots can calculate the right people to target and the best time to deploy in order to maximize your campaign potential. We’ve even got the right social media accounts to publish your ads. With bots, everything is effortless.


M10 works by studying vast quantities of data in real time, sorting and sifting it to find the patterns in behavior that show us where your target audience will be before they know it themselves. Advanced users can see some of the information we monitor from the Customer Search Engine. Your analytics, including identified audiences, marketing opportunities, and campaign performance metrics, are available within the M10 interface. Service Bot users will see less data than Self-Service users, simply because when […]

Profiting From the Future

Most of our clients want to know one thing: How can we predict their revenue potential months in advance? When you gather as much information as we do, making predictions about future profits is all a matter of math. M10 follows thousands of real-time social media conversations, studying the events that people are talking about. When we identify a popular event, such as a sports match or music concert, we take a longer look at the demographics of the event’s […]