SM Sales Bot Campaigns

If you want to run a successful online advertising campaign but don’t know where to start—there’s a Bot for that! Our SM Sales Bots are designed to make life as simple for you as possible. All you have to do is tell us about your product or service and we’ll do the rest.

SM Sales Bots use data we’ve collected from online audiences to locate new customers for your brand and automatically deploy ads at the optimum time to maximize your results. You provide the raw footage and our bots will generate marketing videos to promote your products or services.

Each Sales Bot manages a single marketing campaign and automatically identifies the best audiences to target. You can add additional Bots to your account if you have multiple products or services you wish to promote.

Want more input in your campaigns, or more sales opportunities? Our Add On services offer a wide range of products to help you market your products the way you want.

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